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Strange Vacations : Culled Sets no. 1 : Mystery Mixtape Experience

Greetings fromPresenting Culled Sets no. 1: “Strange Vacations”.

What are Culled Sets? An explatory take on the re-emergence of mix tapes as well as a completely OFFLINE and ANALOG reaction to the sterile digital playlist.

In an era of instant access and easy gratification, Culled Sets demand attention for enjoyment and require labor for production/reproduction. No right-clicking, no “add to queue”. This is solid state music Culled from various sources in various formats.

“Strange Vacations” builds upon a theme of recreation and relaxation. Road trips, hotel pools, coctail lounges – ambient, soft rock, deep house, classic vacation music. Like frequencies from a phantom radio station or a private set by a mystery-DJ in the club beyond spacetime.

How do you get “Strange Vacations”? You either find it or it is given to you.  Fifty in circulation around Austin, TX.


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This entry was posted on March 30, 2014 by in Culled Sets.


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